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Ashante Ford
Department: International Relations
Year: Junior
Class: IR 309

"The Invisible Hand" of Foreign Aid: Stabilizing and Destabilizing Economies

The ongoing debate over the purpose and function of foreign aid, has induced scholars and researchers into studying the levels of it more intently. Because foreign aid is seen through various political lenses, the complex utilization of aid and its effectiveness stretches beyond the scope of one narrative. When foreign aid is presented in third-world countries, the purpose of it can be cluttered with unnecessary factors that shape the outcome of the initial aid. Foreign aid is fundamentally and conceptually flawed. It is not always inclusive to both parties involved; in some cases, the commonalities show blatant discrepancies that often lead to economic exploitation and impede stability. But, the use of foreign aid in the International Political Economy is very important because it holds the power to potentially balance the world’s economy and create a more just system. The exploration of this topic is beneficial for the improvement of the Global Development Policy.