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Mariah Chavez
Department: Liberal Studies
Year: Junior
Class: LS 426

Shape of Your Thoughts

Professor Nick Sousanis posed the following description for our project. You are to ask yourself this question - What do my thoughts look like? Feel like?" Respond to it with some visual object and brief explanation of your choices. For my project I chose to represent my thoughts through Jello. Even when jello is sitting still it’s still moving. That's how my thoughts work. I feel like it takes a lot for me to actually stop thinking. I always have a lot on my mind and at first I planned to make everything I think about and put it in the jello. Rather than do that I used some objects and then string to symbolize what is often on my mind. Purple is my health, I chose this because I am always thinking about my health and the way my lifestyle impacts my health. I get sick very easily so I have to be careful with my schedules to make sure I’m not exhausting my body to the point where I get sick. Purple is also the color used to symbolize Lupus, my mom has lupus so I often look at this color as something relating to health. I used blue to symbolize school because I am constantly doing something that has to do with school. I chose blue because although some perceive blue as a sad color it’s my favorite and I love school so I chose that. Yellow is to symbolize my loved ones from family to friends. Yellow is a happy color for me and that’s what I feel when with the ones I love. I chose pink to symbolize work because I work with kids and love it. I love my job and chose pink to symbolize that since that’s often a color used for hearts. I also put a picture of a succulent in here because since entering college I’ve started growing succulents. I used this picture to symbolize my growth because succulents take a lot of time to break down and are pretty strong little plants even if you forget to water them. I put a graduation cap in here because even though I used a string to symbolize school. This is to symbolize the future. I’m constantly thinking about my future in education and looking into graduate programs so I felt that not only was the string necessary but an item was too.