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Zainab Dogar
Department: International Relations
Year: Senior
Class: IR 335

Sufi Poetry; Peace, Unity, & Spirituality

Although overlooked in today’s western academia, the transnational impacts that Sufi poets have had is undeniable. In this paper I examined the impact of Sufi poetry on unity and peace. I found that Sufi poetry helps foster peace and unity, while also having the capacity for spiritual healing and a fulfilled life. Sufi poetry’s impacts go beyond Muslim societies and is celebrated by people from all denominations. Even Emerson was so touched by Saadi’s work that he addressed some of his own poems to the Sufi mystic Saadi. There’s so much to study within Eastern literature that simply collects dust in today’s academic circles. While I conduct a close reading of two Sufi poems, I hope this paper inspired you to take a moment and read these gems.