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Ruqaiyah Angeles
Department: English
Year: Freshman
Class: ENG 114

Health Promotion & Wellness at SFSU

My group dove deep into researching an underrated service provided at our university. We chose the Health Promotion and Wellness Center because of how interconnected they are to other services on campus and how many students can go four years without knowing about them. What first started out as a partnership, ended with four group members that each had their own part in the research. To start off, we all interviewed students to see the ratio of students that know about this service and who don't; as well as, how many actually use this service, versus who doesn't. Next, we all did as much online research as possible to get a full wrap-around of the services they provide and the resources they have. From that, we build an interactive presentation where we had a tacky styled video to grab their attention, a visual for the audience to follow along, and multiple opportunities to answer to win prizes made at one of the events promoted by the Health Promotion and Wellness Center. From our research, we can conclude that many students didn't use the service because they didn't know about it or felt they didn't need any resources they provided. So what did we do?

We informed them about it. My groupmates and I presented to our ENG 114.51 class of about 15 students and everyone seemed to enjoy it. As our video played, the audience got a familiar vibe from our attempt at a commercial that, we tried to remake as if we were actually selling a product. Throughout our presentation, we switched speakers to get a different perspective on the different services and why we feel it is beneficial to utilize these resources. We had a goal not only to inform the audience about the services and to use them, we did our best to remind them that these are services we all pay for through our tuition. At the very end, we had three prizes, being the "Wrap it Up" boxes we customized at one of the events. We aimed to quiz our students to see how well they paid attention and remembered the information. All in all, for two days, to collect data, research, shoot everything, edit the presentation and video, and presenting to a live audience, our research and message definitely impacted the students and the Health Promotion and Wellness Center.