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Jordan Acacio
Department: Humanities
Year: Senior
Class: CMX 625

Welcome To The Bronx

“Welcome To The Bronx" is a short form comic strip that aims to convey the cultural history of the South Bronx, the birthplace of Hip Hop culture. Inspired by and based upon photography by Jamal Shabazz and Richard Mcguier’s comic “Here”, the comic strip follows a continous panel that juxdaposes the different phases of the South Bronx together into one cohesive image. The comic’s form affords me, as a maker, a toolset that is unique in that it can sequentially move a viewer through different moments in time and space, while keeping the overall image static. As the comic progresses, the paneling starts to come appart in an atempt to promt the idea of collage, and starts to draw conceptual simularaties from the art of audio sampling to the medium of comics, atempting to bridge two very disperate mediums (afterall they are both forms of collage). The medium of comics offers new ways of approaching, understanding and conveying academic ideas through art and I am excited to say that this project made me see Hip Hop, and the history and culture that built it, in a new way.