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Fareeha Qadir
Department: English
Year: Senior
Class: CW 501

Searching for a Beginning

My piece was done in the Graphic Memoir and Biography class taught by Tyler Cohen. This course is a part of the Comic Studies department run by Nick Sousanis. It is a visual analysis of a graphic memoir by Liana Finck titled "Passing for Human". For me, this is a comic that asks the question, what can personal storytelling look like in a medium so wide and open to interpretation as comics as well ask asking who gets to define what fine art looks like? For my analysis, I created two versions of myself to step into her comic style and comment on her creative and thematic choices while the second version of me outside the panel borders was a representation of my own artistic process as I made the 3 page spread. I wanted it to be an homage to her style as well as an homage to artists everywhere who, like me, find it difficult to sit with and complete a story that feels so personal, be it written word or comics or any other medium. Thank you for taking the time to look at it.