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Nanami Kanda
Department: Design
Year: Junior
Class: DES 325

Eddie's Cafe Brand Identity

The goal of this project is to rebrand a cafe that exists in San Francisco by developing a limited graphic identity. We started off with gaining the knowledge about the client, project, and define the goals that will drive the design process. Understanding the current target, problem, competitors, location, and identity of the cafe was important while we are developing their graphic identity. Then, we began with rough sketches to come up with many versions of the logo as we can by drawing on the paper. The logo should also work in black and white, so it was important to explore how the negative space and positive space work. We determined to use only 3 colors in the logo and selected an appropriate typeface that will be used throughout the brand experience. Finally, we considered the brand language. The logo is not only representing the cafe itself but we also need to think about how it is going to look in real life. Putting the logo to actual stuff is also a process of decision making.