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Aisia Fletcher
Department: English
Year: Junior
Class: ENG 612

Bitch Planet - Modernity, Dialaetical Materialism and Re-imagining the Feminist Movement

In Dr. Hackenberg's Eng 612 - Serial Narrative, we were asked to design a project that would act as a first installment (or trailer) for our final paper. In the final paper, we were to ask a well-formulated and critical question about the serial narrative in our paper. The questions I posed were regarding setting in the comic book series Bitch Planet. I wanted to know why modernity was the setting for Bitch Planet and not past waves of the feminist movement. I also wanted to discuss why the alternative planet of Bitch Planet directly supported a Marxist view of dialectical materialism. Although this project is different than the one I presented online to the class, the premise is the same. By using black and white images to highlight the mostly white waves of feminism, I move to color images to highlight where feminism is with an intersectional approach.