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Mariantonia Cambareri
Department: Design
Year: Senior
Class: DES 525

Kintsugi The Art of Precious Scars-COVID-19

In consideration of the current historical moment, as the COVID 19 virus continues to spread, this project is inspired by the desire to rebuild what has been shattered.

The art of embracing damage, of not being ashamed of wounds, is the delicate symbolic lesson suggested by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi where broken objects are put back together and the mended cracks are highlighted with gold. Each repaired piece becomes unique, unrepeatable, and precious.

This booklet is a guide that contextualizes the moment, explains the kintsugi technique, and connects the two by linking their parallel characteristics. The combination of Century Gothic Pro, a sans serif typeface, with Geom Graphic, used alongside simple and clean lines and strong neutral colors is harmonized by the organic nature of the photos.

The use of eggs shells holds symbolic significance because it is a visual shorthand for new life and potential. In a lot of cultures, the egg brings hope and purity. It is a symbol of fertility and the circle of life. In some Asian cultures, the egg is seen as a symbol of luck and wealth. The reconstruction of eggshells using the kintsugi technique, suggests that we need not throw away what breaks. A crack in an object no longer represents its end. Its fractures become precious textures. We must try to recover, and in doing so we gain value. It is the essence of resilience.