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Cynthia Lopez
Department: Design
Year: Senior
Class: DES 525


“WE CANNOT BE ERASED” is a protest campaign featuring a series of posters that was born out of the need to highlight recent cases of whitewashing in the film industry. These posters put a spotlight, and therefore, put pressure on film directors, casting directors, movie producers, and all higher-ups in the entertainment industry that continue to erase our stories. From the name to the design choices, everything about this poster series is an act of creative protest. The white backgrounds represent whitewashing in the film industry. The simplistic, smooth vector images represent a version of a character that has been stripped of their culture to be marketable to the American public. The fully rendered illustrations across the face featuring the original nonwhite versions of these characters contrast the vector images by being raw and authentic. All come back to the name, it itself is an act of protest. It tells the public that no matter how hard people try to erase us, we cannot be erased.