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Chi Ki Foo
Department: Design
Year: Senior
Class: DES 525

Creative Practice as Protest - Hong Kong: The Revolution of Our Times

This project is about bringing the possible outcome to Hong Konger if we all keep our mouth shut while the government is threatening our freedom of assembly, speech, press and religion. 

Statement of intent: 
We protest, not only for ourselves but also for the next generation's Hong Konger. They are still too young to understand what is going on right now. There is an urge to let them know the importance of human rights and liberty in Hong Kong. The only method is to reach out to the parents.
When I was a kid, my parents brought me to protests and let me watch so many news and explained to me what was going on in the society. I am thankful to have my parents to educate me because school never talks about that.
In order to sustain our rights, parents play a very important role in educating the next generation. The design will show how it will be to our next generation if we let go of our rights to assemble now.