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Brit Trimble
Department: English
Year: Senior
Class: ENG 422

日本語の英語の短い歴史 or A Brief History of English in Japan: A ZIne

"The Brief History of English in Japan" is a zine that maps out the timeline from which English was first introduced in Japan, to it's position during World War 2, and finally it's position now. The English language was first popularized in 1868 (the beginning of the Meiji era), when Japan first opened it's borders after a 250 year period of being isolated from the rest of the world. As Japan inserted themselves in what they considered the modern world, Japanese nationalism called "kokutai" emerged and spread throughout the country. At this time many people were against English being taught in schools. This lasted all the way up to and during World War 2. During World War 2 English language was banned from schools and colleges. This resulted in foreigners from Britain and America, that were originally invited to teach English, to be kicked out of not only institutions but the country as well. English was so heavily reduced that it nearly became a dead language there. After World War 2 America occupied Japan and reorganized Japan'd education system. Now English is very popularized in Japan. Many schools in Japan encourage and focus on English learning. This second popularization of English has led to morphological, phonological, and semantic change in Japanese. This simply means that the Japanese language has incorporated English words in their language. These words in linguistics is called loanwords.