Susan Shimanoff

Susan B. Shimanoff

Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs
Phone: (415) 338-1471
Location: Marcus Hall 445

Susan B. Shimanoff, associate dean of Student and Curricular Services, has been at San Francisco State University since 1986, where she served as professor and chair of Communication Studies and acting chair of Women and Gender Studies. She earned a B.S. in Public Address and Group Communication from Northwestern University (1972), an M.A. in Speech Communication from San Diego State University (1974), and a Ph.D. in Speech Communication from the University of Southern California (1978). Her research focuses on communication rules and gender in everyday interactions. The theoretical foundations for the research on rules was advanced in her book, Communication Rules: Theory and Research, which was honored as a Book of the Year by the Speech Communication Association. Her research has appear in a variety of scholarly publications, including Communication Monographs, Communication Quarterly, Communication Reports, Encyclopedia of Communication Theory, Journal of Communication, Journal of Homosexuality and the Western Journal of Speech Communication.