College Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE)

Photo of example work from 2018 undergraduate research showcase

About CURE

CURE’s mission is to support and promote undergraduate research in all disciplines across the College of Liberal & Creative Arts. We aim to advance faculty-student research mentorships and collaboration through programing that includes professional development, skill-building workshops, curricular innovation and opportunities for students to showcase their work.

We are committed to fostering a culture of mutual engagement that benefits student researchers and their mentors. Undergraduate research in the liberal and creative arts empowers students to explore their passions, embrace their learning and develop lifelong critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the discipline and beyond.


College of Liberal & Creative Arts’ Undergrad Showcase Goes Far Beyond Research

Dance, emojis, zombies, graphic design, YouTube makeup tutorials among wide variety of presentations at third annual event.

Student Spotlight

Photo of Max Goodwin

Max Goodwin, Linguistics Major

"It is simply great experience in presenting academic work"

I participated in two projects for the 2018 Undergraduate Research Showcase. The first was a solo project showing changes in English syntax, semantics, and phonology using a speech from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” The second, for which we won the general competition, was a group project on the syntactical structure of internet queries. We looked at a few interesting constructions pulled from searches on the university’s website, as well as some frequencies that suggest that internet searches have some base syntax.

Overall, I think both experiences were very positive and I would definitely recommend students submitting to the showcase. There aren’t many outlets from which you can get legitimate academic feedback on projects you have invested time and effort into. It is simply great experience in presenting academic work. Personally, I am applying to grad school for linguistics, and can use all the practice I can get in this. The prize money is certainly nice on top of everything, but the experience in presenting academic work in a professional setting is worth it alone.

Past Showcases

From anthropology to zombies, our students explore a range of subjects, stemming from their many curiosities, interests, and passions. View past program booklets (formerly URSCA) for a glimpse.

CURE Steering Committee

The steering committee oversees subcommittees and is responsible for strategic planning.

  • Laura Lisy-Wagner (History)
  • Francis Neely (Political Science)
  • Gitanjali Shahani (English): Chair
  • Joshua Singer (School of Design)
  • Justin Tiwald (Philosophy)
  • Troi Carleton (Associate Dean of the College for Liberal & Creative Arts)


If you have questions or want to learn more about the College Undergraduate Research Experience please contact Professor Gitanjali Shahani,