The Tahrir of Poems: Seven Contemporary Egyptian Poets with Maged Zaher

Thursday, April 23, 2015, 4:30 pm
Photo of Maged Zaher
Maged Zaher reads his translations of poetry by Ahmed Nada, Malaka Badr, Hermes, Amira Hanafi, Ibrahim El-Sayed and Aya Nabih as featured in Zaher's new anthology The Tahrir of Poems (Alice Blue Books). Free.
Humanities Building, The Poetry Center
The Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives
The Poetry Center
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Maged Zaher is the author of If Reality Doesn’t Work Out, Thank You for the Window Office, The Revolution Happened and You Didn’t Call and Portrait of the Poet as an Engineer. His collaborative work with the Australian poet Pam Brown, Farout Library Software, was published by Tinfish Press in 2007. Zaher performed his work at Subtext, Bumbershoot, the Kootenay School of Writing, St. Marks Project, Evergreen State College and The American University in Cairo. Zaher won the 2013 Genius Award in Literature from the Seattle weekly The Stranger.

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