Classics Faculty Profile: Gillian McIntosh

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Photo of Gillian McIntosh

Assistant Professor of Classics Gillian McIntosh, is featured in the latest of a series of video profiles featuring faculty discussing their passions for teaching and research. She discusses the modern-day values of studying ancients texts written by the likes of Homer and Virgil. Classroom discussions often involve issues such as social hierarchy, power, gender, belonging and identity, McIntosh says.

“We’re not just engaging into literary analysis and interpretation. We’re also looking at how we interpret and why, what are we interested in and why are we interested in that?” she says in the video. “So it's an opportunity for learning about the self, realizing that the self is invested in the interpretive process.”

McIntosh teaches courses in Latin language and literature and in Greek and Roman culture. Her research interests include Roman and Greek architecture and topography, the Roman house and gender and antiquity. She earned her Ph.D. in classics from Ohio State University.

Silvia Turchin directed the video. It is produced by the College of Liberal & Creative Arts Communication Team in association with Sleeping Tree Pictures.

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