Curricular Resources

New or Revised Course Proposals

Proposal for new courses or course revisions must be placed on a university form. Ask your department chair or program director the required procedures for new or revised courses. You can also ask Associate Dean Susan Shimanoff, by email at

Course Request and GE Certification website

New Baccalaureate Requirements

The university is in the process of certifying courses for new baccalaureate requirements. An Academic Senate policy specifies the course expectations and student learning outcomes for these requirements.

Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees, Majors, Concentrations, Minors, and Certificates (S19-255)

Academic Senate Syllabus Policy

Syllabi must contain certain elements according to an Academic Senate policy.

Academic Senate Policy for Course Syllabi

Accommodating Disabilities

Academic Senate policy S07-244 requires that the following statement be included on the syllabus: “Students with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations are encouraged to contact the instructor. The Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) is available to facilitate the reasonable accommodations process. The DPRC is located in the Student Service Building and can be reached by telephone (voice/TTY 415-338-2472) or by email”

The Disability Programs and Resource Center website

Grade Appeals

A grade may be appealed when the grade assigned as a final course grade does not reflect what the student has earned according to the criteria for grading as outlined by the instructor of the course. Specific procedures govern grade appeals.

Grade Appeal Practices and Procedures (S19-230)


A grade of F may be assigned to a plagiarized assignment and the plagiarizing incident should be reported using the College’s reporting form. There are several strategies for preventing and responding to plagiarism.

Plagiarism Resources webpage


According to policy, “Undergraduate students may withdraw from no more than 18 semester-units of courses taken in matriculated status at SF State.” A student who has withdrawn from the same course twice will not be able to enroll in that course again. Additional information about withdrawals can be found in the withdrawal and course repeat policies.

Academic Senate: Withdrawal from Courses (S20-196)
Academic Senate: Course Repeat Policy (S21-248)