Ingalls Travel Award

Ingalls Travel Award is available to College of Liberal & Creative Arts (LCA) majors or LCA graduate students who are attending a conference. Funds are disbursed as a scholarship through the Financial Aid office.


  1. The student applying is and will be enrolled full-time as an LCA major or LCA graduate student at the time of application and the conference. If it is a summer event, the student expects to continue his or her enrollment at SF State in the following fall semester. Current students cannot be funded, if the conference occurs after they have graduated. Summer travel must be approved in the previous spring. Graduate students may be in their grace semester (the semester immediately following enrollment in a culminating experience course if that work is not completed), when they receive funding.
  2. Funding requests to travel outside of the U.S must follow current CSU International Travel/Travel to High Risk Countries guidelines, and the process through the college dean (or designee), Risk Management, the provost, and the president. NOTE: Travel Insurance is required for all International Travel with the insurance cost being deducted from the allocation.


Submission must include:

  • Description of Anticipated Costs using the IRA Travel form (pdf), please mark the top of the document with “INGALLS AWARD”.
  • Request for Authorization to Travel form (pdf), lines 1-5, 10, and department chair signature.
  • A signed Release of Liability for Domestic or International Travel (pdf).
  • Statement written by the student indicating their financial need and how the conference will enhance their educational goals.
  • Statement from Department Chair of the student’s program endorsing the request, signed on letterhead.
  • Statement written by the student that acknowledges that by accepting funding the student agrees to write a follow-up report about the conference and a thank you note.
  • Copy of unofficial transcripts to support GPA requirement (2.75 for undergraduates, 3.0 for graduate students).
  • If the travel is international, all the paperwork required for international travel is included in the application packet file at least 45 days in advance of the travel. (If applicable, please complete Request to Travel to High-Risk Country form (pdf)) Students and faculty should know that academic travel can be canceled by the university, the California State University System, or the State Department at any time, and that under these conditions faculty and students may not travel on university business or be reimbursed for travel.

Requirements following travel:

  • A thank you note and follow-up report addressed to Mr. Ingalls after the student returns from their trip (template will be provided).

The packet of materials should be submitted through the student’s academic program to the college office for review at least 30 days in advance of domestic travel, 45 days in advance for international travel. The department will be informed by the College, if the travel is approved by the College. The department will then inform the student.

For questions, please contact your major department office.