The Marcus Undergraduate Research Assistantship Grant

The College of Liberal & Creative Arts is pleased to announce a call for proposals for the Marcus Undergraduate Research Assistantship Grant, an initiative aimed at promoting student research in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Deadline for submission: tba

Award amount and timing: $3,000 ($1,000 to the faculty member, $2,000 to the student. The grant can include up to three students, each of whom would receive $2,000. If applying for more than one student research assistant, indicate clearly the expected budget in the project abstract).


All tenured and tenure-track full-time faculty members in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts are eligible to apply. This grant promotes scholarly activity conducted by undergraduate students and a faculty member in a partnership. Projects must involve mentoring across a range of research activities.

Research projects are broadly construed to include all disciplines represented in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts, and in all cases, students must be learning and practicing research/scholarship skills appropriate to the field of inquiry.  All recipients will present results or a short progress report on a panel dedicated to faculty/student research teams at the LCA Student Research Showcase held in May of the awarded year. Both the student(s) and the faculty member will also submit a one-page report at that time that reflects on their experiences.


Faculty should submit proposals attached to an email to Noelle Trinidad Taylor at by tba. Please list and respond to each item below.

1. Cover page with project title and abstract (maximum 1 page)

2. Narrative that describes the project (maximum 2 pages)

  • Nature of the research and objectives
  • Methods of inquiry and plan for the conducting the research
  • Significance of the project
  • Plans for presentation and other possible use of the work

3. Description of faculty mentorship plan (maximum 1 page)

  • Ways the project will be collaborative
  • Description of the role(s) of the student in the project
  • Description of the role of the faculty in the project
  • Specific skills the student will acquire through this activity

4. Qualifications and CV (relevant portions) of faculty member (max 2 pages)

5. Appendix (optional) with any additional information (max 2 pages)

2019 – 2020 Marcus Undergraduate Assistantship Grant Winners

"A Juggler’s Choice: Agendas and Attention in the Modern Presidency."
Student: Elisabeth Wedel
Mentor: Rebecca Eissler

"China’s Multilateral Activism and the Postwar Order: Rule Taker, Rule Shaper, Rule Breaker or Rule Maker?"
Student: To be determined
Mentor: See-Won Byun

"Is It Teasing or Bullying? Interactional Practices and Blurry Lines."
Student: To be determined
Mentor: Leah Wingard

"Vegetarian Indian Restaurant or Indian Vegetarian Restaurant: Order of Attributes in Search Queries."
Student: To be determined
Mentor: Anastasia Smirnova

"What They Bring with Them: Pre-Migration Experiences and Trajectories in American Politics of American Immigrants."
Student: Yvette Osio
Mentor: Marcela García-Castañon


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