The Marcus Undergraduate Research Assistantship Grant

The College of Liberal & Creative Arts is pleased to announce a call for proposals for the Marcus Undergraduate Research Assistantship Grant, an initiative aimed at promoting student research in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Deadline for submission: March or April

Award amount and timing: $3,000 ($1,000 to the faculty member, $2,000 to the student. The grant can include up to two students, each of whom would receive $2,000. If applying for more than one student research assistant, indicate clearly the expected budget in the project abstract).


All tenured and tenure-track full-time faculty members in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts are eligible to apply. This grant promotes scholarly activity conducted by undergraduate students and a faculty member in a partnership. Projects must involve mentoring across a range of research activities.

Research projects are broadly construed to include all disciplines represented in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts, and in all cases, students must be learning and practicing research/scholarship skills appropriate to the field of inquiry. All recipients will present results or a short progress report on a panel dedicated to faculty/student research teams at the LCA Student Research Showcase held in May of the awarded year. Both the student(s) and the faculty member will also submit a one-page report at that time that reflects on their experiences.


Please list and respond to each item below.

1. Cover page with project title and abstract (maximum 1 page)

2. Narrative that describes the project (maximum 2 pages)

  • Nature of the research and objectives
  • Methods of inquiry and plan for the conducting the research
  • Significance of the project
  • Plans for presentation and other possible use of the work

3. Description of faculty mentorship plan (maximum 1 page)

  • Ways the project will be collaborative
  • Description of the role(s) of the student in the project
  • Description of the role of the faculty in the project
  • Specific skills the student will acquire through this activity

4. Qualifications and CV (relevant portions) of faculty member (max 2 pages)

5. Appendix (optional) with any additional information (max 2 pages)

2021 – 2022 Marcus Undergraduate Assistantship Grant Winners

One of the projects includes two student assistantships.

  • “Forging A Deeper Democracy?: Assessing Participatory Budgeting in the Bay Area.” Mentor: Ron Hayduk (Department of Political Science).
  • “Big Apple 80s: A Geolocated Audio Trip to the Birth of MTV.” Mentor: Elizabeth Bradley Hunter (School of Theatre & Dance).
  • “Decolonizing Linguistics: Computer-Mediated Communication as an Inclusive Gateway to the Discipline.” Mentor: Jenny Lederer (Department of English Language and Literature).
  • “Finding the needle, re-thinking the haystack: A systematic review of labels and descriptors of ‘low-skilled’ populations in U.S. health literacy research.” Mentor: Maricel Santos (Department of English Language and Literature).

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