Most student petitions can be located online. You can consult our Petitions Checklists to learn what is required for each petition.

After your petition has been signed by the designated faculty member and the Department Chair, ask the department staff if s/he will forward your petition or whether you should move it along to the Dean’s level yourself. If you are bringing the petition to the Dean’s office, leave it with the receptionist at CA 251 any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


You need to attach an unofficial transcript to all of the following petitions: Academic Standing, Exceed Maximum Units, and Independent Study. There may be other attachments necessary, specific to each form—be sure to read the instructions on each form carefully, so your petition will not be delayed. For example, the Academic Standing petition requires a completed GPA deficit calculator form for undergraduates and graduates.


Appointments will not be given for petitions. Please leave 1 WEEK for the College to process your petition. If there is a problem with your petition at the College office, we will let you know within a week by email—be sure your email address is written very clearly on your petition. If there are no issues with your petition, it will be acted upon and forwarded to the Registrar on your behalf.


The following forms can be processed at the Department level and do not require Dean’s approval: