Through generous donor support, the College of Liberal & Creative Arts offers students a broad range of scholarships. Scholarships are available from the College, schools and departments. Please search our listing below to find a scholarship that is right for you. All scholarships link to detailed information and the option to apply at the SF State AcademicWorks portal.

The Carol Channing Creative Arts Scholarship

To encourage academic excellence for all students in any of the Creative Arts majors by defraying educational expenses.

Award: Varies

Carolyn Irene Howard Memorial Scholarship

To ease the financial burden for College of Liberal & Creative Arts undergraduates and graduates who are making career changes to become teachers and entering the fields of language, literature, and the humanities. Re-entry students from majors listed below and re-entry students being admitted for the first time to a major listed below will be eligible.

Award: $500

College of Liberal & Creative Arts Departmental Award

To recognize student achievement in particular areas of study, including research and community projects.

Award: Varies

College of Liberal & Creative Arts/Associated Students Inc Scholarship

To provide assistance and support to the educational advancement of students by awarding money to eligible SF State students.

Award: $1,000

Edward B. Kaufmann College of Liberal & Creative Arts Scholarship

To support classified graduate and undergraduate students pursuing a degree within the College of Liberal & Creative Arts other than the Department of Humanities.

Award: Varies

Edward M. Nagel Endowed Scholarship

The Edward M. Nagel Endowed Scholarship offers an opportunity for students to learn the foundation of business while applying their craft to the arts. This award is an opportunity for students pursuing professional careers in the arts, the entertainment industry, and non-profit organizations. The Edward M. Nagel Foundation strives to provide gifts and grants to economically disadvantaged young people pursuing entrepreneurial goals in education. Further information about philanthropist, business man, art collector, and community advocate Edward M. Nagel can be found at the Edward Nagel Foundation Facebook page.

Award: Varies

Evans, Hsu, Kauffman Scholarship, The

To provide a scholarship award for a SF State undergraduate pursuing a degree in the College of Humanities.

Award: Varies

Ingalls Travel Award

Provide graduate and undergraduate students with funds to attend professional conferences and seminars to help them explore and advance in their academic careers.

Award: Varies

Jerold Rosenberg Family Scholarship, The

To provide financial assistance, with possibility of extension for up to 3 years, to full-time students in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts who may not have yet attained their potential due to financial or personal circumstances. To assist students with average (2.5 but not higher than 3.25 GPA status) starting grade point average who are enrolled as majors or minors in all departments and programs in the College of Liberal and Creative Arts.

Award: Varies

John Bauer Scholarship

To provide financial support for outstanding graduate or undergraduate students in the College of Liberal and Creative Arts who are majoring in a field related to Arts Administration.

Award: $500

Joseph M. & Lotte M. Dadone Scholarship

To provide funding for graduate students studying German or Italian language or culture as a part of their graduate studies, including seminars, creative works, or thesis projects.

Award: Varies

Judith Anne Ott Scholarship

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide a classified graduate students an award from programs from the former College of Humanities. The scholarship should be awarded each fall and spring semester contingent upon availability of funds.

Award: Varies

Kyriakos Karababas Memorial Scholarship, The

To assist promising students whose major area of study would be in Creative Arts.

Award: $2000

Marshall J. Miller Scholarship Fund

To provide an annual scholarship award to one or more full time students with financial need whose major, or a major, is in the general field of literary arts.

Award: Varies

Shirley Barnett Memorial Scholarship

To provide financial support for two undergraduates students and one graduate student enrolled in a degree program within the College of Liberal & Creative Arts who are over the age of 40. History majors will receive preference for at least one award, if multiple awards are given. Awards will be given initially for a single semester, but they may be renewed as long as the student remains in an LCA program and in good standing for up to the maximum amount allowed (see criteria for specifics), and as long as funds for the scholarship remain. Students who receive the award are required to provide their major program thirty hours of service each semester in which they receive scholarship funds.

Award: Varies

Wilbur Eugene Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund

To provide one-time financial assistance for an incoming or current student enrolled in the College of Liberal and Creative Arts in one of the Creative Arts majors at SF State.

Award: Varies


Arnesen Travel Scholarship

Scholarship is to support participation in professional meetings, workshops, or courses sponsored by museums or museum professional associations, or similar professional development opportunities.

Award: $200

Christine Tamblyn Memorial Scholarship

To provide financial support for outstanding graduate level students in the College of Liberal & Creative Arts who are emphasizing interdisciplinary arts studies.

Award: $1,000

John Ihle Scholarship in Printmaking, The

Award for undergraduate/graduate student work in printmaking.

Award: $100

Jules H. Strauss Memorial Scholarship in Photography

Supports photographic achievement for senior students in memory of Jules H. Strauss.

Award: $2,000

Leo D. Stillwell Jr.Scholarship

Funds scholarships for the benefit of students seeking graduate degrees in the School of Art.

Award: Varies

SF State - KALA Art Institute Graduate Student Fellowship

Kala Art Institute provides exceptional facilities to professional artists working in all forms of printmaking, digital media, photography, and book arts. The SF State - Kala Art Institute Graduate Student Fellowship is given annually to an SF State M.F.A. graduate student in Art whose work demonstrates a focus on printmaking processes and concepts and would benefit from Kala's specialized equipment. The award includes a three-month full time residency from June 1 - August 30, fee remission for one Kala class while in residence, portfolio review opportunity with local curators, inclusion in the Kala Artists' Annual Exhibition, and a mentorship opportunity with a Kala artist-in-residence or staff person.

Award: Varies

Sher-Right Scholarship in Art

To provide financial assistance to students majoring in Art at SF State University.

Award: $2,500

Steve Wilson Award

To support the work of students of excellence (undergraduate and/or graduate students) in Digital Media Arts & Emerging Technologies (Conceptual Information Arts) in the School of Art who are working in art and new technologies, demonstrate an interdisciplinary practice that can include, but not be limited to, cultural concerns, science and emerging technologies.

Award: $1,000

Sylvia and Jim Walters Award in Printmaking

Annual award for meritorious undergraduate student work in printmaking related to the annual Stillwell student exhibition.

Award: $100

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Cinema Department Scholarship

To award funds for the production of films and videos to undergraduate and graduate film majors in the Cinema Department at SF State.

Award: Varies

Gordon Thomas Scholarship

Scholarship for a Junior or Senior or a graduate student in animation/cinema.

Award: Up to $1000

Jim Goldner Scholarship

To provide financial assistance to undergraduate students pursuing careers as filmmakers.

Award: Up to $1,000

Marcus Graduate Student Fellowship in Cinema Studies

This scholarship is granted to students entering the M.A. program in Cinema Studies at the School of Cinema who show high merit. Grantees are identified by the graduate admissions committee.

Award: up to $2500

Robin Eickman Cinema Student Scholarship

To encourage outstanding cinema students to pursue careers as professionals in the film industry and to provide support to individuals who may be underrepresented in the film industry.

Award: Varies

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Dr. Wan-Lee Cheng Design Innovation Honors & Merit Award

Awarded to outstanding School of Design, DES students in the areas of honors convocation, design research, social impact and technology innovation.

Award: Varies

Hearth Homes Inclusive Design Scholarship

The purpose of the Hearth Homes Inclusive Design Scholarship is to assist, encourage and attract promising SF State students to the field of inclusive (universal) design.

Award: Varies

Martin Linder Scholarship

To support underrepresented and deserving students in pursuing studies in the School of Design at San Francisco State University.

Award: Varies

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Edward B. Kaufmann Scholarship - Humanities Dept.

To recognize academically outstanding undergraduate and graduate students with demonstrated financial need pursuing a degree in the School of Humanities.

Award: Varies

Liberal Studies Alumni Scholarship

Provide assistance to a junior or senior Liberal Studies major who shows financial need. It is also meant to honor the program and education received and allow alumni a form to give back to the university.

Award: $500

Magalios Family Scholarship - Humanities

To recognize academically outstanding graduate students with demonstrated financial need pursuing a degree in the School of Humanities.

Award: $1,000

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Alexander String Quartet

To support a resident Graduate String Quartet that will be coached, guided and mentored by SF State’s professional Quartet in Residence, the Alexander String Quartet.

Award: Varies

Anthony I. Balestrieri Endowment Fund, The

To assist students majoring in music by defraying educational expenses.

Award: Varies

Balestrieri Forgivable Loan/Scholarship, The

To assist students majoring in music with an emphasis on string instrument performance by defraying educational expenses.

Award: Varies

Carla Carol Ferrando Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Piano Students

The fund provides funding for promising piano students pursuing their education at San Francisco State University.

Award: Varies

Donna S. Kline Endowment in Creative Arts in Memory of Joanne Rae Kline

The scholarship was established to help strengthen and permanently support the School of Music at SF State. It is Mrs. Donna Kline’s intent this scholarship will provide financial assistance to a junior, senior, or graduate student enrolled in music classes as a major or a minor at SF State, and give a motivated and focused music student these same opportunities.

Award: Up to $1000

Clarence Miller Musical Theatre Scholarship

Provides merit scholarships for Theatre Arts students of promise in Musical Theatre.

Award: $500.00

Dance Scholarship Fund - Susan Whipp Legacy Scholarship

Awarded to promising dance students at SF State to assist with educational costs.

Award: Varies

Harry Donovan Memorial Scholarship, The

Recognize and support students with outstanding achievement in a technical theatre area of the Brown Bag Theatre Project through a merit scholarship in memory of Harry Donovan.

Award: $500

J. Fenton McKenna Memorial Fund

To honor and reward Theatre Arts students for their excellence.

Award: $400

Jim Ponder Scholarship

Targeted to a promising undergraduate/graduate designer/technician in a theatrical design area.

Award: $700.00

Jules Irving Scholarship

Provides financial assistance to Theatre Arts students who desire to enter upon a dramatic career in legitimate theatre.

Award: $1,000

Screen Actors Guild Award

To provide financial assistance for Theatre Arts students who demonstrate considerable merit/excellence in their courses and production work.

Award: $500

Teresina Drama Scholarship

Provides financial assistance to Theatre Arts students who desire to enter upon a dramatic career in legitimate theatre.

Award: $500.00

Theater Arts Scholarship

Provide financial assistant for students within the Theatre Arts program, particularly those who have demonstrated merit.

Award: $500.00

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Jay P. Young Department Excellence Award

The Jay Young Department Excellence Award is an annual award available to the Department of Anthropology to support deserving faculty and student projects and activities, thanks to a generous gift by Jay P. Young of San Francisco, who graduated with a BA in Anthropology in 1981.

Award: Varies

Kiana Dressendorfer Scholarship in Archaeology

To allow SF State undergraduate and graduate students to further their interests and educations in the archaeology of any region of the world.

Award: Varies

Anthony F. Torrano Memorial Scholarship, The

The Anthony F. Torrano Memorial Scholarship is given to honor the life of KRON Video Journalist Tony Torrano. The scholarship provides financial support to benefit a Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts major who intends to pursue a career in Video J

Award: $1000

BAARC Scholarship for Excellence in Bay Area Radio & Audio Media

The Bay Area Advertising Relief Committee (BAARC) is establishing this scholarship at the request of the Northern California Broadcasting Association (NCBA). BAARC's goals are to provide mentoring, career, and life assistance for individuals involved in the media industry universe. The intent of this scholarship is to support a Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts student with their education. The goal is to provide resources to support that student as they begin their career trajectory.

Award: Varies

BECA Department Scholarship

Provides a number of scholarships and prizes to students studying electronic media at SF State.

Award: Varies

Beverly Johnson Memorial Scholarship

To assist a motivated, career-minded student with their career and educational goals in broadcasting. The award is in memory of Beverly Johnson who was a respected news host, weather reporter and accomplished actress. Through her career and community engagement she also served as a pioneer and role model for women and students of color striving to build a career in broadcast journalism.

Award: Varies

Dave McElhatton Memorial Scholarship

To defray educational expenses and support educational goals of students majoring in Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) who hope to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

Award: Varies

Dr. Herbert Zettl Endowment Scholarship

The purpose of this award is to recognize the long-term contribution of Dr. Herbert Zettl to the Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) Department by providing financial assistance to two students who are majoring in BECA and have reached the senior year of their baccalaureate degree program. Award intends to honor the student recipients for the high quality of their academic achievement in the BECA department and provide the opportunity for them to devote full time creative energy to the study and advancement of the art of broadcast and electronic communication in the senior year.

Award: $2,000

KTSF Broadcast and Electronic Com. Arts Scholarship

To assist students majoring in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts by defraying educational expenses.

Award: $2500

Ronondo A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

To assist a promising student with financial need in the BECA program who is studying audio production, music recording and music.

Award: $1500

Ekaterini Vitale Scholarship Fund in Modern Greek Studies

Scholarship for undergraduate students in Modern Greek Studies and graduate students doing related academic studies on Modern Greek and/or Greek American Studies at San Francisco State University. It will cover such things as tuition, books and travel to Greece for academic purposes.

Award: Up to $1000

John Ungaretti Translation Prize

To provide awards for the best written translations of a selection or selections from an ancient Greek or Latin author.

Award: $350, 1st; $150, 2nd

Raoul Bertrand Scholarship in Classics

To support entering and continuing M.A. students in Classics.

Award: Varies

Richard Trapp Scholarship in Classical Studies

To recognize the achievements of students in Classical Studies and to provide some modest financial support as part of that recognition of excellence.

Award: Varies

Society for Classical and Comparative Studies Travel Scholarship

To support travel for participation in an archaeological field project; for formal study at a foreign university where courses are taught in the native language; for formal language study of a language other than English.

Award: $750

Communication Studies Emeriti Scholarship

To provide a scholarship award for an SF State student pursuing a degree in Speech & Communication Studies.

Award: Varies

Eva Lokey Scholarship

To assist one promising student annually who is pursuing a Masters degree in Communication Studies. Successful candidates will be chosen by a vote of full-time faculty in the Dept. of Communication Studies.

Award: Varies

Bernice Ruben Arnold Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Bernice Ruben Arnold Scholarship is to assist the Creative Writing Department in its desire to diversify its graduate student body through its promotion and recruitment of people from under-served communities.

Award: $5000

Marcus Recruitment Award

A recruitment scholarship for two M.A./M.F.A. applicants to support their first year of study in our program. All applicants accepted into our M.A. or M.F.A. program will be eligible. Recipients for the award will be selected in Spring by TT faculty application readers, based on the promise of the applicant’s writing sample submitted as part of their application. The writing sample will show the applicant’s willingness to explore with the craft of their genre complex human experience. Writing sample may also show writers willingness to take risks and innovate within their genre.

Award: Varies

Marcus Second Year Graduate Student Scholarship

For graduate students in any of the genres who have shown their commitment to rich and ambitious writing and translation. Students submit a work-in-progress that demonstrates attention to craft, cultural/social awareness, and the complexity of human experience. The recipient would also be a student for whom this award would make a significant difference in their ability to focus on their studies and their writing.

Award: $2,500

ASW Scholarship Fund

To provide a scholarship award for an SF State undergraduate pursuing a degree as a declared major in English Literature.

Award: Varies

Debra Plousha Moore Scholarship

The recipient must demonstrate service and commitment to the African American community, and an interest in women's issues, African American literature, or African American women.

Award: Varies

Ellanore and Maurice Bassan English Dept. Scholarship

To provide financial support for graduate students pursuing M.A. Literature who have demonstrated excellence in literary study.

Award: Varies

English Department Scholarship

This scholarship is established to give a stipend annually to three undergraduate honorees from the three separate undergrad branches of the English Department: Literature, Education and Linguistics. This is not a scholarship that students can apply to. Students are chosen by coordinators within their respective programs.

Award: Varies

Gail E. Weinstein Fellowship in Community Literacy Education Scholarship

To support students in the graduate TESOL program who demonstrate outstanding potential and initiative as community literacy practitioners and community partners.

Award: $500

Jan Gregory Postsecondary Reading Comp Scholarship

To provide financial support to deserving graduate students in the postsecondary reading and composition programs of the English department.

Award: $500

Jim Brogan and Jack Post Scholarship

To provide financial support for students interested in literature based on queer / gay / lesbian / bisexual / transsexual perspectives.

Award: Varies

Jim Kohn Scholarship Award

To support deserving graduate students in the Language Studies program of the English Department.

Award: Varies

R. Joel Dorius Memorial Scholarship

To provide financial support for graduate students interested in the study of Shakespeare and/or literature of the Renaissance.

Award: Varies

Sara Ruth Prize - English

To give a prize each year for an essay written in an undergraduate English class.

Award: Varies

Society for Technical Communication Scholarship for TPW Students

This award is for students who are majoring, minoring, or pursuing a certificate in Technical and Professional Writing at SF State and have goals and achievements suitable and promising for a future technical communication career.​

Award: Up to $500

TESOL Convention Scholarship

This scholarship will give financial assistance to M.A. students in the TESOL department for the purpose of attending the annual TESOL convention.

Award: Varies

TESOL Legacy Fellowship

To support students in the graduate TESOL program who have demonstrated commitment to and involvement with the TESOL Program and/or students starting the program in fall semester who show exceptional promise to make important contributions to the field of TESOL based on past or current experience.

Award: Varies

The Cunningham Scholarship in English Literature

To be used for the benefit of Graduate Students of the English Department at San Francisco State University who are pursuing the study of English Literature, including American Literature.

Award: Varies

Antoinette Finke Forgivable Loan

To recognize academically outstanding undergraduate or graduate SF State Foreign Language majors with demonstrated financial need, by awarding a loan that is forgivable upon graduation from SF State, if recipient meets all program criteria.

Award: $5,000

Chinese Program Scholarship, The

Scholarship will provide funding for students currently enrolled in a Chinese class.

Award: Varies

Dr. Anita E. Antler Scholarship for Graduate and Undergraduate Students in the German Program

To provide scholarship support for graduate and undergraduate students majoring in German.

Award: $1,000

French Program Scholarship

To encourage meritorious students majoring in French or pursuing an M.A. in French who need financial assistance to complete their studies.

Award: Varies

Italian Scholarship Fund

Italian Community's support to students majoring in Italian.

Award: $1,000

Joseph and Lotte Dadone Scholarship

The purpose of the Dadone award is to aid and encourage new and continuing students enrolled in the SF State Masters of Arts Program in Italian and German.

Award: Up to $5,000

Paul Zee Lyons Memorial Scholarships For Chinese Translation Studies, The

To assist San Francisco State University undergraduate or graduate students whose career goals include an emphasis on Chinese/English English/Chinese textual translation (either literary or professional) and/or oral interpretation between the two languages. Recipients will receive grants to support educational expenses.

Award: Varies

Pietro Iaccarino Memorial Scholarship

To provide scholarship awards for SF State undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a degree in Italian.

Award: $500

Robert L. Liu Family Endowment:French Language and Culture Proficiency Award

To assist in defraying airfare expenses to undergraduates with a declared major or minor in French and classified graduate students in French studying one full academic year in France.

Award: Varies

Spanish Program Scholarships

To give financial support to Spanish majors, minors and graduate students who study abroad with the IP Program in a Spanish-speaking country.

Award: Varies

Clara Giddens Grad Student Memorial Scholarship

Support for graduating history students who will be furthering their studies at SF State in the Single Subject Credential Program with an amount equivalent to student fees and for graduate students completing their M.A. thesis in either History or Social Science.

Award: Varies

Davillier-Sloan Endowed Graduate Scholarship

To assist promising graduate students majoring in American History at SF State in their studies. Applicants must be active in the African American or Caribbean American communities.

Award: $500

History Department Graduate Fellowship

To reward academically successful graduate students in history, and to assist them financially so that they can continue in the program.

Award: $3000

Jacques Hymans Graduate Fellowship

To reward students who are both academically successful and contributors to the department; and to assist them financially so that they can continue in the program.

Award: $4000

Kyle Campbell Whitham McLeod Scholarship

To assist promising students majoring in Latin American History at SF State in their studies.

Award: Up to $1,000

Paul Lorence Memorial History Scholarship

To reward outstanding undergraduate scholarship in and service to the discipline of History.

Award: $2000

Paul O'Meara Memorial Scholarship

To recognize on an annual basis the academic achievements of a graduate student in history whose field is European Studies (before or after 1500) and to reward that student financially.

Award: Varies

Dwight James Simpson Memorial Scholarship

To encourage and support the pursuit of knowledge for the Middle East.

Award: Up to $300

Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) Student Excellence Award

The Middle East and Islamic Studies Student Excellence Award recognizes outstanding course work of undergraduate students minoring in MEIS, students who pursue an emphasis in Middle East Studies in a Liberal and Creative Arts department that has such an emphasis, or students who will have completed at least two years in a Middle Eastern language by the time they graduate.  Applicants should explain their decision to take courses in MEIS, as well as their career goals.  Students on financial aid are given special consideration.

Award: An amount up to $2,000

Turkish American Arts & Culture Scholarship, The

The Turkish American Arts & Culture Necati, Cihat, Ozgul & Metincan Esrefoglu Endowed scholarship assists promising students who are active in the Turkish community and in their studies of Turkey.

Award: Up to $1000

Jewish Studies Scholarship Fund

To encourage continued participation in Jewish Studies courses.

Award: Varies

Linda Mazursky Kurtz & Frank Kurtz Scholarship in memory of Bernard Mazursky

To address financial need and encourage interest in Jewish Studies an an object of study.

Award: $1000

Sara Ruth Prize - Jewish Studies

To support and award excellence at the undergraduate level as demonstrated by writing projects relating to Jewish Studies.

Award: $125

Antonio R. Salazar Scholarship in Journalism

To provide financial support annually to one undergraduate student who is working towards a degree in journalism.

Award: Varies

Bob Brown Memorial Scholarship For Journalists

To encourage and recognize meritorious students interested in journalism at SF State and to assist them in pursuing their course of study.

Award: $2,000 per semester

Frank McCulloch Investigative Reporting Scholarship

To encourage students to aspire to become investigative reporters.

Award: $1,000 each for two individual projects or one $2,000 scholarship for a team project

Greg Robinson Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship

To encourage and recognize meritorious students interested in news photography at SF State and to assist them in pursuing their course of study in the field.

Award: 1st: full-time tuition for one semester; 2nd half-time tuition for one semester.

Greg Robinson Photojournalism Supplies Fund

A stipend to buy supplies awarded to the recipients of the Greg Robinson Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship.

Award: Varies

Hearst Journalism Awards Program

To encourage and support excellence in journalism and journalism education through monthly competitions.

Award: $500-$2000

John and Douglas Fang Memorial Scholarship

To honor the memory of John Fang, the late publisher of the SF Independent, by encouraging and providing support for returning students to pursue journalism degrees at SF State. Applicants are called upon to make a strong case in favor of diversity in journalism, a major concern of Mr. Fang.

Award: $1,900

Journalism Uplift Scholarship

To be used for scholarships for journalism majors on the basis of scholarship, need and promise in chosen field.

Award: Varies

Kat Anderson Media Workers Support Fund for Student Journalism

To assist promising SF State students majoring in Journalism who have financial need and are interested in either focusing on or have focused on 1) issues affecting women; 2) labor reporting and/or other economic social justice issues; 3) issues in minority communities such as the African American, Asian American, American Indian or Latina/Latino communities. The scholarship will give a student the opportunity to focus on areas of study that he or she may not have otherwise considered.

Award: $1,000

Otto J. Bos Memorial Scholarship

To reflect Otto J. Bos' commitment to journalism/communications and public service and to demonstrate the candidate's ability to write and analyze.

Award: Amount equivalent to full-time or half-time tuition depending on the number of units in which the winner is enrolled.

Richard Cushing Endowed Scholarship in Journalism at SF State

For promising students in Journalism who show financial need and are majoring in journalism.

Award: $2,500

Stacey Doukas Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship

To recognize and assist promising photojournalism students in their journalism studies.

Award: $1,350

Torri Minton Scholarships for Aspiring Journalists

To assist SF State students majoring in Journalism with financial need and demonstrated ability to write compelling Bay Area stories.

Award: $500

William G. Flynn Political Reporting Scholarship

To honor the memory of the late William G. Flynn, long-time political reporter on the San Francisco Examiner and for Newsweek who died in 1990, and to encourage interest and excellence in political reporting among San Francisco State student journalists.

Award: $2,460

Philosophy Graduate Student Tuition and Fee Scholarship for Fall applicants

To provide assistance and support to the educational advancement of students by awarding money to eligible graduate students starting SF State’s philosophy program.

Award: Up to $4000

Jason Louis Zarri Memorial Scholarship, The

To assist students in the Philosophy Department at SF State to complete their educational endeavors and reach their professional potential.

Award: Up to $1,000

Philosophy Graduate Student Tuition and Fee Scholarship for Continuing Students

To provide assistance and support to the educational advancement of students by awarding money to eligible graduate students in SF State’s philosophy program.

Award: Up to $4000

Silvers 50th Endowed Scholarship in Philosophy

The Silvers Scholarship helps talented new scholars to develop their academic skills and pursue of the kind of intellectually engaged work that made Professor Silvers a remarkable activist and advocate for equality and justice.

Award: $1,000

David Jenkins Scholarship

To honor a student who has demonstrated the greatest commitment to improving society through political activism.

Award: $200

Gene Geisler Endowed Scholarship

To recognize excellent work in empirical political science.

Award: Varies

John Randolph and Dora Haynes Fellowship Award

The Fellowship will be awarded to an outstanding graduate student in the Political Science Dept who is interested in and committed to improving governance and the polity of CA.

Award: $1000

Louis Wasserman Award

Provide two political science student award of $100 each for best graduate and undergraduate papers.

Award: $100

Matt Stolz Award for Political Theory, The

To award graduate and undergraduate students for best essay in political theory.

Award: Varies

Matthew F. Stolz Scholarship in Political Theory

To recognize a student's merit in political science.

Award: Varies

Political Science Faculty Award

To give two awards to a graduate and an undergraduate student for outstanding academic achievement and growth.

Award: $100

Women in Politics Award

To promote women's engagement in the political arena through active participation by students in progressive political activities and assist promising SF State students majoring in political science.

Award: Varies

Marjorie H. Stern Scholarship

To enable recipients in immediate financial need to remain in school and encourage support for women's rights and social justice on the campus and in the wider community.

Award: $500

Women & Gender Studies Award

The Women and Gender Studies Undergraduate Award recognizes one WGS major or minor who has not only demonstrated excellence in academics, but has applied the feminist commitments of the department (engagement with the larger community, critical thinking and analysis, and working toward social justice) beyond the classroom. This can be broadly defined, for instance, as work with an internship, in other kinds of work places, on the campus, with community organizing and/or at home.

Award: $500