Student Clubs and Groups

American Institute of Graphic Arts SF State (AIGA SF State)

For students interested in careers in graphic design, communication design and interactive design. Students can join the professional organization and begin to network with the large design community in San Francisco. The group sponsors events such as speakers and films, and helps design students build professional networks and activities in the Bay Area. Our student group promotes design and gives an opportunity for students to network with each other and the local design community. We utilize the tools at hand and positively influence the School of Design at SF State, the University as a whole, and local design in San Francisco.

Contact: Faculty advisor, Assistant Professor Saskia Van Kampen,
AIGA Website

Animation Society

The animation society serves as a resource for animation students from across the SF State campus. We support screenings, workshops, and other events including the Animation Finals. The group also helps the animation students navigate all the resources on campus, in the School of Cinema, and in the Bay Area for aspiring animators.

Animation Society Website

Anthropology Student Association

Open to anthropology majors of all persuasions (socio/cultural, biological, visual, archaeologists and all) as well as non-majors who are interested in learning more about anthropology. A student-run social and networking organization with an eclectic range of interests and activities.

Contact:, Meredith Reifschneider,
Anthropology Student Association Website

Audio Engineering Society San Francisco State Student Chapter (AES)

Open to any student interested in music recording and audio engineering concepts. Affiliated with the professional chapter of the Audio Engineering Society. Meetings weekly on Wednesdays in the BECA Recording Studio (Studio 43).

AES Website

Black Film Club

The purpose of the Black Film Club is to expand the visibility of black-oriented films and filmmakers at SF State; highlight the contributions of professional black screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, and other film professionals to the cinematic artform; provide a support circle for student film projects in and state of production that depict black experiences and/or thematically draw upon black perspectives; to render film production services (paid and unpaid) for real-world clients and organizations who have demonstrated support of black upliftment.

Black Film Club Website

Cinema Collective

For all students interested in making films or movies in general. Goal is to work together, learn from each other, and maintain a flourishing community of filmmakers around campus dedicated to producing quality films.

Cinema Collective Website

Classics Student Association

The Classics Students Association (CSA) is dedicated to increasing awareness of the Ancient Mediterranean World through sponsorship of lectures, films, special events and Pithos, the journal of CSA.

Classics Student Association Website

College Students in Broadcasting

To bridge the gap between formal education and media employment. We strive to achieve this goal by inviting professionals in the media industry to speak at our meetings. In addition, we serve as a hub by passing along internships/career opportunities to our members and sponsor various BECA department events including graduation, the students' project showcase, BECAfest, and its end of the year department celebration, BECA Bash. We have new and exciting ways to get people involved.

Contact:, Chris Clemens,
College Students in Broadcasting Website

Comic Arts Club

Information: Open to any student interested in comic arts and comic making. Our mission is to create a safe space for comic artists and enthusiasts to make, collaborate and discuss comics.

Comic Arts Club Website

Communication Studies Student Association

Founded in August 2018, the Communication Studies Student Association (CSSA) aims to create a community of students outside of the halls of the Humanities building. CSSA meets once a week throughout the school year. They work together to organize socials and fundraising events which are great opportunities to gain experience, build your resume, network, and discuss all things communication studies! This is a student-led organization.

CSSA Website

Delta Kappa Alpha

Delta Kappa Alpha is a co-ed, professional cinema fraternity devoted to giving students the opportunity to make films, develop contacts and gain experience in the world of filmmaking. We provide our members with equipment and organize workshops with professionals, and we are a fun group of welcoming people.

Contact: (fill out the contact from on their website)
Delta Kappa Alpha Website


The School of Music offers a broad range of ensemble experiences including Rock, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, World and Classical - a small sampling is listed on the website. Please consult the Class Schedule for current offerings and view the course descriptions as well. Contact instructors (see website) for audition dates and repertoire. All ensembles are MUS classes, and carry unit credit. Add permits are available from course instructors during the first class meeting. Some ensembles can satisfy GE requirements. All ensembles are open to everyone, with placement auditions during the first week of each semester. SF State students enrolled in ensembles are eligible for scholarships - see ensemble directors for information.

Ensembles Website

Feminist Filmmaker Fellowship

The Feminist Filmmaker Fellowship (F3) provides equitable opportunities for women and disenfranchised filmmakers form San Francisco State University to be involved in the media industry

Feminist Filmmaker Fellowship Website

Graduate Literature Association (GLA)

The Graduate Literature Association (GLA) is the MA in Literature's student organization. All students pursuing an MA in English Literature at SFSU are automatically members. The GLA organizes a variety of social activities, academic and career workshops, and scholarly conferences. It also oversees a student listserv, advocates on the behalf of students, and publishes Interpretations, a student-edited academic journal.

Contact: Sarita Cannon,
GLA Website

History Students Association

The History Students Association, in its current incarnation, was created in 2005 in order to facilitate communication between history students and the faculty, enhance the history learning experience, further the goals of history students, and for social interaction and entertainment among history students. In addition to regular meetings, HSA holds many events, like movie nights, throughout the year. All students with an interest in history, not just history majors, are encouraged to join us.

Contact: for more information.

I-House: Education in Action!

Founded by Persian Studies, International House (I-House) at San Francisco State University is a dynamic student Organization and an educational program to support linguistic, cultural and artistic activities. Our mission is to promote a peaceful environment and strengthen links with other cultural, and educational programs and departments at SF State and beyond. Our goal is to enable student organizations to interact and foster intercultural respect, friendship and leadership among individuals from all nations and backgrounds.

I-House Website

Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA)

This group promotes design and gives an opportunity for students to network with each other and the local product design community. We utilize the tools at hand to positively influence the School of Design at SF State, the University as a whole, and local design in San Francisco.

Contact: Faculty advisor, Professor Ricardo Gomes,
IDSA Website

Moot Court

Moot Court is an academic competition in which students engage in legal/appellate advocacy before a fictional United States Supreme Court. Each team consists of two SF State students who argue one constitutional issue apiece based upon a fictional case problem. Team members prepare "argument outlines" to serve as assistive aids during the competition, which include detailed legal analysis of the applicable controlling law on constitutional issues. During competitions, students present oral arguments to a panel of judges who evaluate their performance, both on legal substance and oratorical skill.

Contact: Dr. Nicholas Conway - Coach and Faculty Advisor,
Moot Court Website

Museum Studies Student Association

An interdisciplinary student-led organization open to all interested in museums. Supports activities in the Museum Studies Program and the Global Museum; hosts museum professional development events; supports professional networking with Museum Studies alumni; provides student support among graduate majors and undergraduate minors. Find us on Instagram (@SFSUMuseumStudies), Facebook (@Museum Studies Student Association at SFSU), and Twitter (@SFStateMuseum).

Museum Studies Student Association Website

Music Student Alliance

The Music Student Alliance brings together students of the SF State School of Music to advocate for rights, safety, and happiness of all who study music. We work as a liaison between students and faculty to ensure that our concerns are heard through an organized channel of communication.

Music Student Alliance Website

Philosophy Club

The purpose is to enrich the study of philosophy. Open to undergraduate and graduate students. Organizes various events, including a regular program in which students present their research work in progress to an audience of their peers. Another event is the annual "meet the professors" in which the club invites faculty members to be on a panel to discuss their current research projects.

Philosophy Club Website

Minorities & Philosophy Club (MAP)

The mission of MAP SFSU is to offer students at San Francisco State University, in philosophy as well as other departments, an environment free from stereotypes, epistemic injustice, and racist and sexist ideology, as well as a platform to discuss the work of philosophers from underrepresented groups, and literature on the philosophy of race, sex, gender, class, disability, and other pressing concerns. We hope to help in opening philosophical dialogue around these considerations, by engaging in public philosophy and outreach on our campus and in our community at large.

MAP Website

Players Club

Theatre majors and minors are automatically members, but all SF State students are welcome, get involved in all aspects of the theatre including shows.

Players Club Website

PSSA (Political Science Students Association)

The purpose of the Political Science Student Association (PSSA) is to be a support system for political science students by providing information, contact support, and a forum for the exchange of ideas regarding political issues and current events. In addition to regular meetings, the PSSA organizes special events and debates, which cater to topics related to the discipline. The PSSA is dedicated to maximizing the influence of political science students on campus resources in a way that is inclusive and strictly non-partisan. In addition, the PSSA is responsible for organizing the annual political science graduation ceremonies. Remember, this is your student association and can only be as good as you make it, so get involved!

PSSA Website

Speech and Debate Team

Forensics is a unique activity that offers students the opportunity to develop, refine and master communication skills in a competitive environment. The team prides itself on fostering the development of new speakers and seasoned competitors. In fact, supporting and encouraging first-time speakers is one of our team's greatest strengths. Students on the team travel to speech tournaments both inside and outside California. Each year several members of the team qualify to compete at national tournaments.

Contact: Teddy Albiniak -
Speech and Debate Team Website

Student Dance Alliance

The Student Dance Alliance at San Francisco State University is an association of student dancers with the intention of promoting dance as an essential art form at the University. The main purpose of this organization is to supplement the University with an alliance of students who will not only participate in functions which go to support the organization, but to also give students an opportunity to showcase their craft through the medium of creative and expressive movement.

Student Dance Alliance Website

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