Veteran Documentary Corps

Veteran Documentary Corps (VDC) empowers veterans and filmmakers from around the world to tell true stories about the veteran experience to other veterans and global citizens alike.

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Our goal is to facilitate greater understanding of the diverse personalities, struggles and successes that define the veteran experience through the art of documentary filmmaking. Our stories come from all branches of service, military jobs, campaigns and nations. Our filmmakers are all season professionals and artists. We have made 30 short films. By 2020, we aim to have completed 100 total.

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Program Activities

  • Contribute to the world’s understanding of the veteran experience by partnering veterans with professional filmmakers to tell true stories.
  • Promote a greater understanding of the veteran experience through the VDC Website, public screenings and events.
  • Engage veterans, families, citizens, and policymakers in meaningful discussions about the veteran experiences, issues, and interests.

University Partners


Daniel L. Bernardi, Ph.D.
Director/Executive Producer, Professor
School of Cinema
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