School of Design

28th Design Alumni Portfolio Nite

The School of Design is planning a two-part event.

  1. Design Alumni “virtual” Portfolio Nite, Speaker/Presentations (Thursday, May 18, 6 – 7:30 p.m.)
  2. There will be a follow up “In-Person” Senior Show Alumni Portfolio Review of Student Work & “Mixer” Reception on Friday, May 19, 1 – 3 p.m. in the SF State, DesignSpace, Fine Arts Bldg, FA 115.  

DES Alumni “Virtual” Portfolio Nite AGENDA

Thursday, May 18, 6 – 7:30 p.m. 

[6 – 6:10 p.m.] “Virtual” Welcome/Intro: Portfolio Nite Coordinator; School Director; AIGA and IDSA Student Chapter Officers

[6:10 – 7 p.m]  Design Alumni “PechaKucha” Panelist Presentation: We will have approximately 6-9 Design Alumni presenting together with a “PechaKucha” visual sound bites of their current design position, or interests (approximately 7 minutes each). Moderator, DES Faculty Member 

[7 – 7:30 p.m.] Roundtable Design Alumni Speakers Q&A Discussion and Critique of the techniques and objectives of Portfolio presentations and interviews: We will then open up the Panel to the audience that will be facilitated by a moderator.   

[7:30 – 7:40 p.m.] Wrap-Up Closing Remarks

SPEAKERS: (hyperlinks to LinkedIn)

  1. Aïcha Doucouré, Design Leadership Coach; Experience Design for Personal Growth
  2. Ani Abgarayan,  Dean + Program Design Lead, BuildUp Bootcamp; and Creative + UX Design Lead, Stealth Startup
  3. Janet Alvarado, Executive Director, The Alvarado Project, a non-profit founded in 1998
  4. Eva RodriguezEmmy Award Winning Digital Brand Designer at PepsiCo
  5. Johnathan Tott-Berger, UX UI Designer, Smart Meetings
  6. Jon Ruiz, Product Developer Consultant & Technology Strategist
  7. Ryan Pugh, Industrial Designer at Pelican International
  8. Teresa ChanPrincipal at Teresa Chan Graphics

CODA Senior Show Student REVIEW

Friday, May 19, 1 – 3 p.m.

Student Portfolio REVIEWERS: (PENDING Invitees)

  1. Janet Alvarado, Executive Director, The Alvarado Project, a non-profit founded in 1998
  2. Eva RodriguezEmmy Award Winning Digital Brand Designer at PepsiCo
  3. Jon Ruiz, Design Manager & Technology Strategist
  4. Johnathan Tott-Berger, UX UI Designer, Smart Meetings
  5. Jonathan Wan, Fintech, Digital Health | Mobile, Global, API  (pending)
  6. Dan Zhou, Executive Communication Designer at Facebook  (pending)
28th Portfolio Night Agenda

RESET Lunch & Learn Exhibit

You are invited to the RESET Lunch and Learn Exhibit, an exhibit of work by LCA students, faculty, and staff. The exhibition runs May 1 – 6.

May 3, 3:30 – 5 p.m., FA 123, Fine Arts Building

Creative Arts Affinity Group is:
Saskia van Kampen, Tanya Augsberg, Ellen Christensen, Sana Hussaini, Amy Kilgard, Bethany Sparks

Jhoany Chong
Maruy Crabbe
Xiomora Gueva
Grace Harper
Jae Hamilton
Jeremy Helstone
Mari Hulick
Madison Ivy
Miia Le
Grace Li
Joseph Lindemann
Silvan Linn
Nadia Love
Bagul Mammedova
Kzhane McGill
Nate Mittan
Ashley Nortman
John Oh
Oscar Perez
Luis Poncio
Thelonious Purnell
Velena Ramos
Lindsay M Rucker Anelle Santana
Joshua Singer
Michelle Sit
Omar Sosa-Tzec
Nick Sousanis
Nicolau Sparer
Zackery Stehr
Vanessa Stevens Brandon Tam
Sarthak Thakur
Aaron Levy Wollins
Justin Wong
Amber Yaxcal
Brandon Zeidan

Organized by the Creative Arts Affinity Group with the support of an LCA Extraordinary Ideas Grant.

International Design, Health & Wellness Exchange “Circle FUN: Recreation & Fitness Facility"

Design, Health & Wellness International Exchange: “Circle FUN: Recreation & Fitness Facility” a public fitness equipment designed for use by community elders and children, presented by the Design Students from the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), School of Design & Art, Finalist in the 10th Stanford Center on Longevity, Student Design Challenge.

Date: Thurs, April 27, Noon - 1 p.m.

Venue: SF State Main Library, LIB 286 Teaching and Learning Commons (2nd Floor)

This international community Health & Wellness Design Exchange will highlight the results of the “10th Anniversary Stanford Center on Longevity Student Design Competition, "Optimizing Health Span: Living Well at Every Age”. View more about the event.

Drinks and snacks will be provided for guests and participants. Please RSVP, so we can best accommodate attendees.

During the Fall Semester 2022, the BIT Graduate Students and “Circle FUN” Finalist team participated with collaborated with Graduate Students in the DES 800 Graduate Seminar in Design course in the preparation of their selected finalist project submission to the Stanford Design Competition. This on-going international collaborative academic engagement between the BIT School of Design & Art, and the SFSU School of Design has provided mutually beneficial inclusive applied-learning community health design partnership experiences across the Lifespan.

The Students will be accompanied by their professor, Dr. Qiu Yue,  Head of the BIT Industrial Design Program, and the Dean-elect of the School of Design & Art. Dr. Qiu Yue was a 2014-2015 SF State Visiting Scholar in the School of Design.

Contact Prof. Ricardo Gomes with any questions about this event.

Circle Circle Fun

Circle Circle Fun: Fitness & Fun facility for Grandparents-Child. Sponsored by Stanford Center on Longevity. Group members: Shanshan SU, Yanan WEN, Kaige WANG, Qinran WANG, Jianfang GUAN

RESET Lunch & Learn

Calling all LCA students, faculty, staff, creatives, makers, movers and shakers!

This RESET Lunch and Learn will encourage hand lettering in different
script styles and languages. There will be an introduction to parts of letters in typographic terms and a collaborative activity will result in a collaged overlay of alphabets/glyphs in Latin and non-Latin styles. There will be pizza!

Organized by the Creative Arts Affinity Group with the support of an LCA Extraordinary Ideas Grant.

Assistant professor of Design Fernando Carvalho receives funding grant to develop course combining digital tools with traditional building techniques

San Francisco State University Assistant Professor Fernando Carvalho has been named one of fifty-one educators to receive funding from a new grant program launched by online learning platform Course Hero, designed to support a wide range of faculty submitted “dream projects.”  

Read full article.