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Jeonghyeon Joo, Modern Haegeum Performance Techniques

Jeonghyeon Joo explores aesthetics and the world beyond the action of bowing, questioning what is beyond the body, sound, and movement of herself and her instrument. It first draws the aesthetic meaning of the bowing itself by putting a microscopic lens to the physicality of the haegeum and the performing body. It then captures the moment of connection and disconnection between them and expands its perspective to the environment and socio-cultural context surrounding the haegeum and body.

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Victoria Neve performs George Crumb's Metamorphoses, Book I (2017)

San Francisco premiere of George Crumb's Metamorphoses Book I, Ten Fantasy-Pieces (after celebrated paintings), for amplified piano. Performed by SF State piano professor, Dr. Victoria Neve.

The set features various extended piano techniques, including direct strumming and plucking of strings, the use of harmonics, and special pedal effects.

George Crumb (1929-2022) cites Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition as inspiration, "the idea of transforming visual art into sound. . .I sometimes wonder if this sort of artistic reincarnation would even be possible without the application of a kind of musical 'black magic.

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